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Acerca de

Hi! I'm Antonella 

I am an interdisciplinary Performing Artist with a background in Environmental Studies who choreographs, composes and collects communities around a unique vision for each project. I approach my practice of dance and theater from an intersectional environmental perspective, driven by curiosity for the nuances that exist between peoples and spaces. I seek to explore questions that take me to unorthodox and often iconoclastic places.


I am motivated by vulnerability, my ultimate fuel. But more than vulnerability within individuals, I am struck by vulnerability within communities. I am inspired by vulnerability because it draws me towards the tender places tucked between the cracked concrete of human exteriors and knitted within a community’s shared dream. I am driven by vulnerability because it teaches me how to meet myself and others where they are. I am motivated to share and convey my findings and further questions through art whether that be dance or theater. I sometimes use poetry, photography or drawing as a foundation for my performances.


It seems the pattern in my life and, ultimately, interchangeably, in my art has been a cycle of relentlessly searching to find myself, only to lose myself again. I hope to explore this slippery relationship of knowing and being, where through creative action, I might simply turn around and find, that I no longer know or have what I thought I did.


Ultimately, I am motivated to find stillness in my interior landscape; a position from which I hope to gaze at the active and dynamic exterior. I seek to bring into the light my experiences of interior and exterior contexts and climates, which have only brought me further questions motivating me to explore these vast biomes with audiences.

For more information about me, please look at my CV under the About section in the menu.

To book a session with me, please go the Train with Me section of the menu found under Dance to fill out the form. Once I receive your inquiry, I will reach out to one as soon as I can so we can begin our sessions. 

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