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My Story

I began my dance training in ballet. My motivation in dance grew to come from accessibility due to the ways I felt excluded in ballet as a dance form and as a reflection of society as a whole. My training grew from ballet to also include contemporary, hip hop, modern, heels, tricking, african, jazz, salsa, and batchata. I am also very passionate about the proper ways to train, stretch and strengthen the body, which ultimately motivated me to gain my 200-hour certification in Vinyasa yoga in 2020.


I am also energized by the inextricable link between our bodies and our emotions. When working with me, we will journey together through emotional landscapes (this doesn't mean just sadness but embracing shameless access to the full emotional range) that is inevitable as living beings. When we invite playfulness in through movement in our bodies, we are in direct opposition with the silence and stuckness by which we are asked to abide; for rebellion is just as much as a cage as obedience.

I am enthused to help anyone get closer to their dancing dreams. I am especially excited to help those people who felt that dance was inaccessible to them.

I schedule both 30 minute and 1 hour sessions. Specify in the form below what kind of time commitment you are looking for. 

My rate is $50 per hour.

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