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A wind chime played not by the rhythm of the wind


Churn as if events were butter

Xray my brain

You’ll find gears for neurons

Grinding memories to a fine powder

Analyzing their details

Move on

What good is dwelling?

But I want a dwelling

The housing market is bad for buying

I already have a dwelling

not selling

Never without shelter

Since I dwell in my head

My body is foreign

And going unsaid

She holds,

My head creates tangible in the ephemeral

My body is tangible among fleeting

Flying thoughts

Butterfly catcher chasing

Not caring about bare feet on hard ground

Catch the target

Feet are to carry

Bleed they may

Rocks, splinters, weeds, trash impede

Do your job so I can fixate

A wind chime played

not by the rhythm of the wind


manic expectations control

and hold

What noise I do


On here


My body does not know there unless it were to go there

But then

it would be here

Why don’t you live in the dwelling of your body?

Then you can dwell without dwelling

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