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Take Everything as a Lesson: Stress Less

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

When you take things in life with enthusiasm and grace, stress becomes an unnecessary component.

An example to start off this blog space. Tonight I had auditions for the fall dance showcase. Normally and in the past I would have been filled with stress and dread, taking the audition process as a stressful and painful time that any artistic has to go through to be considered for the piece. WAIT A MINUTE! WHAT ABOUT NO STRESS?! Lets flip it on its head. Look at the audition as a class, an opportunity for practice. It is really that way anyway. But when we purposefully look at an audition through a rose colored lens all of a sudden this mentality opens up brain space for choreography. The space is now free for things you are about to learn which was previously taken up by stress, worry, anxiety and whatever else could be hiding away up there.

"I can fix the steps. Thats not the problem. That's what rehearsal is for. But I can't fix you. You have to bring your swag. I can't teach you that." -LMU guest choreographer

The basic idea of the above quote is again reiterating the idea of letting go. Not having such a death grip on the choreography but letting the choreography come through you as a product of your swag. In the most broken down and basic terms, swag is a strong sense of self. To quote Elle Woods, "It is with passion, courage of conviction, and strong sense of self that we take our next steps into the world." That's swag, knowing yourself, knowing your worth, and never settling for anything less.

Thats the attitude

Thats the attitude I have been really trying everyday, every hour and every second to implement. This week I actually had the goal of jumping into everything with enthusiasm. As we all know, the more fun we are having, the less we feel like we are doing work. Your attitude and perspective can be huge, and most often are the sole contributor to your quality of experience. Possessing the competence of an open mind is a powerful and long lasting skill. You will be more resilient, be willing to try new things, be able to believe in yourself, be fearless among others when you have an uplifting and free attitude. Be a sea turtle, ride the waves with enjoyment. You can chose your path but remember not everything on said path, will be set up as you might picture. There will be twists and turns. The ocean is unpredictable and so is life.

If you come to a fork in the road...LAUGH cuz there is a fork stuck in the middle of the road. How comical and bizarre!

GOAL: every morning and persist. Find anything and everything to smile about. There is strength is happiness. There is resilience in positivity.

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