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Crepes! You don't need Eggs!

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

All the crepes. None the eggs.

This is a simple, easy recipe for crepes! I promise the easiest ever in the entire world.



Milk(I use oat milk or a type of plant based)


a smidge of vanilla extract

a pinch of cinnamon

a dash of nutmeg


In a bowl, place a few scoops of flour. Create a hole in the middle of the flour.

With a whisk in hand ready to incorporate, pour milk into the center waiting in between to incorporate into the flour and then pouring more milk just until the mixture is of pourable and not too thick batter. As this is a crepe batter and not a pancake batter, the consistency should be light and thin as the point between juice and a smoothie.

Put the stove on medium heat. Butter or oil the pan lightly. Once the surface of the pan is hot. You can test this by dripping a drop of batter on the pan to see if it sizzles. If it does, the pan is ready and if not, wait.

Tip the pan and pour the batter onto the top part of the pan while tipping the pan getting the batter to encircle and cover the pans surface.

Be aware that the first crepe is usually always a catastrophe. When the crepe is ready the edges will start to come away from the pan and the crepe can easily be flipped.

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